Heavenly Hosts

This welcoming 3,500 sq. ft. open concept home has been designed for comfortably entertaining family and friends alike. Upon entering the home, one is immediately struck by the piano room which holds a beautiful grand piano and a wide array of colourful glasswork created by a local artist. The home then flows into a luxurious kitchen and dining area, the very reason these homeowners purchased the house.

Each floor of this grand multi-level home is an open living space, created with the intent of hosting lavish and fun parties. The rich life history of the homeowners is reflected throughout the home, and the lower floor reflects antique pieces brought from eastern Canada and refurbished with a modern flair. The ornate home office holds two unique art pieces, displaying rich heritage and diversified interests. The beautifully furnished and inviting master bedroom is expansive, accented by a luxurious master bathroom. Beside it, an artist’s nook holds colourful quilting pieces, the results of which are proudly displayed throughout the home.